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Water injection systems prevent or suppress detonation. It works by spraying an extremely fine mist direct into the intake manifold at a pre selected boost pressure or in the case of naturally aspirated engines, a pre selected RPM.

Water injection doesn't do the same things as NOS does. None of the same dangers. It is acting as an intercooler enhancer and octane booster(if methanol is used). It can lower the cylinder temps or exhaust gasses by 300 degrees and makes 95 octane fuel basically look like 112 octane.

Fuel accounts for 70% of engine cooling and FACT Water absorbs SIX times more heat than fuel and evaporates instantly inside the intake manifold taking with it a great deal of heat, so you can imagine the massive cooling effect of water injection.

Kit Contents

  • 300psi pump 
  • 4 Quart Tank
  • Allen key can be used to adjust water pump pressure
  • Adjustable pressure switch [20-120psi markings on switch for stage 1, 2 or 3
  • 15' of High Pressure Tubing
  • Injector
  • Nozzle Holder
  • Heavy duty Check Valve
  • filtered self sealing tank tap
  • All fittings needed for installation
  • Inline Fuse Holder with 10 amp fuse
  • 30 Amp Relay which includes the Harness
  • 10' of red and black wire
  • Zip ties and wire splices and connectors
  • water injection install Instructions 

Our kit is specified for the 45 AMG, for other vehicles please contact us.


For more information on this kit email info@willowperformance.co.uk

TP 45 AMG Water Methanol Kit