After Years of working closely with various tuning partners worldwide we are extremely happy to bring an exclusive turbo charger, we believe this is a great fast road/track turbo for customers wanting to achieve up to 520BHP . Offering blistering acceleration and stock like response with increase reliability.


The main focus is on quick times on the road than peak power figures with upwards of 650nm of torque and upwards of 520BHP this turbo is a great unit for those looking for a unit that will enable them to add modifications as they go. This will work on a stage 1+ car, no modification is needed to fit.


The hardware has be specifically developed to help with keeping temperatures down and allow maximum air flow and has a 2 year Guarentee*. This results is a driving experience that is significantly better than the stock vehicle especially when maximum power is used for long periods.

Possible Gains for the 45AMG are as follows:

355/375BHP - 520BHP 

450/480nm - 650nm 


To achieve 520BHP we would advise you to have the following modifications.

  • Venom520 Turbo 
  • 3.5 inch Decat  Downpipe+
  • 100mm Intake Kit
  • Upgraded Heat Exchanger (Side)
  • ECU tune Software


This is constructed from stock housings machined to suit the larger billet compressor and exhaust wheels, brand new ball bearing custom core, The kit is supplied with new oil feed lines, coolant feed and return lines and associated fittings.


This will fit all W176 A45, GLA45 and CLA45 AMG Cars including facelift vehicles


This is an exchange turbo kit, If you dont wish to send your turbo in advance there is a £400 Deposit that is refunded when we recieve your stock turbo.


This can take up to 2 weeks to fabricate so please bare this every mind with delivery timescales.

Mercedes 45 AMG VENOM520 Turbo Charger

£1,980.00 Regular Price
£1,799.00Sale Price
Send your Turbo in Advance
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